@OWOW_MSUDenver: OWOW Center Spring Newsletter

Photo credit Patagonia.com.

From the One World One Water Center at Metropolitan State University at Denver newsletter. Here’s an excerpt:

P.A.U.S.E. for Fly Fishing

Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing knows that there is no such thing as a “lucky fly that will produce every trip to the river”. However, if you P.A.U.S.E. – mother nature can be your guide to a rewarding day at the river.

Parking Lot: As you step out of your car, be sure to take note of the bugs that collided with your windshield and grill. The wings of mayflies and grasshopper legs will be a strong clue for what flies to use that day.

Above the Water: Swallows flying over the water, swarms of invertebrates over the water and streamside vegetation are signs that you should use your dry flies.

Under the Water: Observe the surface of a rock that you pull from the curren t. Pick a fly that mimics the color and size of the bugs on the rock.

Spider Webs: Locate spider webs along the river and “match the Hatch”. Find a fly that resembles what the spider has caught.

Eddies: The swirling and reverse currents attract the most active bugs in an on the water. Check your fly box for the closest resemblance.

“For the fly fisher who takes a moment to PAUSE and observe, the rewards will be immediate, the fish will be more frequent, and the experience on the water will be that much richer!”-Peter Stitcher.

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