Loveland: CPW hopes to renew Lonetree Reservoir lease

Lonetree Reservoir near Loveland, Colorado | Photo credit photokayaker via Flickr.

From The Loveland Reporter-Herald (Pamela Johnson):

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has leased the land around Lonetree Reservoir and the body of water itself for recreation as a state wildlife area for decades, at least back to the 1970s. The reservoir, south of Loveland, is a popular fishing and wildlife viewing spot.

The current lease with Consolidated Home Supply Ditch and Reservoir Co.expires June 30, and officials with the state wildlife agency and the ditch company have been talking about the future and negotiating a new lease.

Nothing has been firmed up, but at this point, it looks as though they will agree to a one-year extension to allow for further talks about fair lease rates and the length of any new lease, said Larry Rogstad, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife…

The ditch company was formed in 1882 in Loveland to deliver water to farmers through a system of ditches and reservoirs in both Larimer and Weld counties. At least two of those, Lonetree and Boedecker, are leased to Colorado Parks and Wildlife as state wildlife areas.

The lease at Boedecker expires in 2020, while the previous 20-year lease at Lonetree ended last June. The ditch company and the wildlife agency extended that for one year to continue negotiations and, according to Rogstad, it looks as though the same thing will happen this year.

One thought on “Loveland: CPW hopes to renew Lonetree Reservoir lease

  1. As a Loveland 3rd generation native I implore that you renew this lease. We are quickly losing our roots and history to big money. Please remember what is important in life.

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