Glenwood Springs: South Canyon Hot Springs development update

South Canyon Hot Springs

From The Aspen Times (John Stroud):

Steve Beckley, owner of the Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park with his wife Jeanne, is offering to lease the site from the city of Glenwood Springs for 18 months in order to do the necessary pre-engineering and come up with a development plan.

A concept plan presented by Beckley and land planner Ron Liston to City Council on Thursday envisions designed hot springs facilities and a campground at the site along Garfield County Road 134, just below the city’s landfill.

In addition, Beckley wants to build a campground at the city’s upper South Canyon property where a new mountain biking trail system is about to be constructed.

A lease would allow for water quality testing at the springs and the pool that exists, plus a test well to determine the potential for development and availability of potable water in the area. Beckley and his team also would use the time to design the lower and upper RV park/campgrounds, and obtain any city, county and state permitting that would be necessary.

Two pools exist at the makeshift site that has been a popular hangout over the years for those looking for a free soak.

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