Another Step Closer for High Line Canal’s Vibrant Future — Phase II Planning Happening Now!

From email from the High Line Canal Conservancy (Connie Brown):

The High Line Canal Conservancy has launched the second phase of significant planning for the High Line Canal, a beloved 71-mile regional trail. This multi-jurisdictional planning initiative follows on the heels of the completion of the Community Vision Plan in early 2017. The nationally recognized planning team includes Denver-based Livable Cities Studio led by Meredith Wenskoski, and Agency Landscape + Planning along with Sasaki Associates out of Boston, led by Gina Ford. The team will focus on developing a Framework Plan, which is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2018 and result in a multi-year implementation plan. It will include complete plans for signage and wayfinding, as well as landscape guidelines for all 71 miles.

“Cities across the country are grappling with how to deal with 20th century infrastructure. The High Line Canal Framework Plan will advance the community-driven vision into tangible physical ideas that will become a regional treasure and a national model of best practices.” – Gina Ford, Agency Landscape + Planning

The Conservancy’s unprecedented community outreach effort in 2016, which engaged over 3500 people, led to an inspired long-term Community Vision for the High Line Canal that will be used as inspiration to develop the Framework Plan for the entire 71-mile system. The community-driven plan, endorsed by Denver Water and 10 governmental jurisdictions along the 71 miles, outlines a set of guiding principles – that the Canal remain a natural, connected and continuous, varied, managed and enhanced resource for the region.

Guided by these principles, the final Framework Plan will further ensure the Canal reaches its greatest potential as an environmental, recreational, social, historic and economic asset. The plan will focus on:

  • Additional open space/parks and trailheads with user amenities
  • Canal branded directional and interpretive signage
  • Crossing safety and trail gap design solutions;
  • Environmental guidelines for landscape, tree planning and stormwater
  • Health and education programs for increased access and use
  • Long-term permanent protection and maintenance
  • PUBLIC INPUT: There will be multiple platforms for public input throughout the year, including four public open houses at the end of March and September. Continued support and engagement from the citizens of the region is vital to ensure the future of the Canal is reflective of the public vision.

    “Throughout this next phase of planning for the High Line Canal, we have an incredible opportunity to develop creative planning and design solutions that are community-specific, but reflective of the Community Vision Plan for all 71 miles of the Canal. One of the keys to success will be inclusive and authentic engagement among all the jurisdictions.” – Meredith Wenskoski, Livable Cities Studio.

    In 2017, the Conservancy kicked off its first ever membership campaign. To date more than 750 members have heeded the call to Be A High Line Hero. In addition to membership, other ways to get involved include:

  • Be a High Line Hero. and support what you love!
  • Sign up for monthly updates through the High Line Canal newsletter to stay up to date with Canal
  • happenings and opportunities to engage in the planning process.
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    The High Line Canal Conservancy is a tax-exempt nonprofit that was formed in 2014 by a passionate coalition of private citizens to provide leadership and harness the region’s commitment to protecting the future of the High Line Canal. With support from each jurisdiction and in partnership with Denver Water, the Conservancy is connecting stakeholders in support of comprehensive planning to ensure that the Canal is protected and enhanced for future generations. For more information, please visit

    The 71-mile High Line Canal has long been a beloved asset across our region, but now its future is uncertain because of changing needs. The High Line Canal Conservancy is working to preserve, protect and enhance this ecological and recreational resource. Don’t take it for granted, the Canal needs your help. Become a High Line Hero today and support what you love!

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