The No Snow Report

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Elaine Chick, Water Information Program Manager

PoP124_gjtWinter is off to a dry start across the West, and the possibility of ongoing drought in many Southwest locations. Some say it could be the effects of La Niña—a periodic cooling of Pacific Ocean waters near the equator that often brings drought mostly in the Southwest and Texas.

Although it is still early in the winter season, and with luck, we may still see a variety of storms coming our way, there is concern how this will affect our watersheds and water supply for the year ahead.

The Water Information Program (WIP) spoke with a few experts to get their views on how the unusually high temperatures and dry weather will affect us here in the Southwest.

“We are experiencing 35 percent less than average water flowing in the rivers over the last 30 days,” commented Kevin Murphy from the U.S. Geological…

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