Poem: “This is the season, the table has set!” — Greg Hobbs

I think Greg likely sleeps with his camera at his side. He certainly has it with him most of the time during his waking hours.

This is the season, the table has set!

In the valley of the Arkansas/Huerfano
this is the season the table has set
and the fields and the ditches
Fallow for the coming green,
hail the snow geese

Look up!
You can hear them
before you can see them

Veering across the High Plains
wave on wave risen in the glow of silos

The Spanish Peaks, Pike’s Peak shimmering on
our own tables, we thank you for this food
these blessings you, your neighbors bring us!

(Christmas at son Dan’s and daughter-in-law Nanna’s farm Avondale) — Greg and Bobbie Hobbs 12/25-26/2019

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