#Northglenn said they won’t be revisiting the IGA they signed with #Westminster and #Thornton banning trailered boats on Standley Lake — The Westminster Window #ClearCreek #SouthPlatteRiver

Standley Lake sunset. Photo credit Blogspot.com.

Click the link to read the article on The Westminster Window website (Luke Zarzecki). Here’s an excerptt:

Letter puts kibosh on Westminster’s efforts to bring boating back

Northglenn Mayor Meredith Leighty sent a letter, signed by the eight other council members, declining Westminster’s request to meet regarding bringing boating back to Standley Lake.

“Northglenn’s water in Standley Lake is irreplaceable, valued at more than $209 million dollars. There is no level of risk that our community is willing to accept when it comes to protecting our drinking water supply,” the letter reads.

That means unless Northglenn changes their minds, Westminster will have to wait until 2030 to renegotiate the Intergovernmental Agreement. According to Thornton Spokesperson Todd Barnes, the agreement needs all three cities to agree to amend it. The move comes after Westminster held a study session on Nov. 21 discussing the possibility of reallowing boating on the lake. At the meeting, Mayor Pro Tem David DeMott, City Councilor Rich Seymour and City Councilor Lindsey Emmons said they wanted to make sure all councilors —  for Northglenn and Thornton — understand the entire issue.  DeMott emphasized that the decision comes down to risk and the threshold each council is comfortable accepting. Seymour said it’s a complicated subject and takes a long time to understand.  In response to the letter, DeMott said he was disappointed. 

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