One thought on “EPA Watersense: ‘Fix a Leak Week’ starts today #codrought

  1. While this isn’t exactly about leaks, it is about the EPA/Watersense.

    The EPA has some wonderful ideas. They also seem to have some crackpot ideas, too.

    The City of San Francisco, is/was an early adopter of the EPA’s WaterSense toilets. The City financed the installation of about 16,000 of these devices with a financial rebate to the citizen/consumer.

    According to the manager of the San Francisco Wastewater Department, Tommy Moala, they don’t have sufficient flow of water through the sewer system to flush the waste. There are approximately 300,000 residences in San Francisco. Now, (no pun intended) there is a stink in San Francisco.

    Saving water is a great idea. Ruining one’s home and environment isn’t.

    I don’t own stock in a business related to water, plumbing fixtures, construction, architecture, construction or finance … I’m trying to say I don’t have a financial interest in what I write about at:

    There I have tried to chronicle the development of how these low water use toilets came into existence and the consequences of violating the laws of physics, because politicians think that’s a wise idea.

    I’m not looking for a link into your Site/Magazine/Journal, I’m not looking to get my name mentioned or the URL I have above. But I do hope you consider what the government is doing and report on it constructively.

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