Weekly Climate, Water and Drought Assessment of the Upper Colorado River Region #COdrought


Click on the thumbnail graphic for the May precipitation map for the Upper Colorado Region from the Colorado Climate Center. Click here for all the summaries. Here’s an excerpt:

May Precipitation:

  • Spotty drier than average and wetter than average conditions scattered
    through the UCRB
  • Western WY near average, central UT slightly wetter than average,
    and central CO mountains near average
  • Most of western CO drier than average, Four corners mostly below
    70% of average, and northeast UT also drier than average
  • Mostly drier than average in northeast CO and southeast WY, with
    some spotty areas receiving less than 50% of average precipitation for
    the month
  • Southeast CO and the San Luis Valley much drier than average for
    May, with most areas less than 50% of average
  • Last Week Precipitation:

  • Most of the basin saw very little precipitation, with some spotty
    shower activity in the northern part of the basin
  • Spotty areas in northern UT, western WY, and northwest CO received
    between .5 and 1 inch of precipitation
  • Most of the basin received less than .25 inches of moisture, and some
    parts near the Four Corners received no precipitation for the week
  • Some parts of northeast CO and southeast WY received between .25
    and 1 inch of precipitation for the week
  • Southeast CO and San Luis Valley were much drier, receiving less
    than .10 inches and many areas receiving no precipitation
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