AWWA Annual Conference kicks off today in Denver


Click here to go to their website for the conference.

Here’s a guest commentary written by Mike Italiano, founder of the U.S. Green Building Council and president and CEO of the Market Transformation to Sustainability, running in The Denver Post. Here’s an excerpt:

Local officials continue to struggle with ensuring there is enough water for all residents. Yet, just as important for decision makers is the quality of water and how it’s transported to homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.

That will be among the topics next week, as more than 10,000 water professionals gather in Denver at the annual American Water Works Association conference. Certain to be discussed is what types of pipes are best for local water systems nationwide, including Denver. And that’s important for residents who should demand that clean water be delivered to them through the highest quality pipes that protect the environment, the health of consumers and make the best economic sense for the city.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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