NM Acequias: Tradition & Adaptation presented by the New Mexico Acequia Association June 26


From the New Mexico Acequia Association website:

The New Mexico Acequia Association will host a statewide acequia workshop on June 26th at the Santa Fe Community College. The theme of this conference is “Tradition and Adaptation” to recognize the importance of the traditional knowledge and customs that are vital to the management and care of the acequia. The theme also highlights the importance of acequia adaptation to new challenges. Acequia officials are now called upon to not only keep water flowing in the acequia for crops, gardens, and livestock, but they also must understand how to operate as local institutions of government.

We are also very pleased to present for the first time a screening of “The Art of Mayordomía” which honors the knowledge and wisdom of Mayordomos and highlights the importance of encouraging new Mayordomos to serve.

We will also provide a brief overview of the various areas in which your acequia can request assistance from the New Mexico Acequia Association including acequia bylaws, acequia easements, infrastructure planning, effective meetings, enforcement, and others. We will conclude the workshop with a session about Acequia Enforcement including a presentation by Tomás Trujillo, Office of the Eighth Judicial District Attorney, about legal tools and strategies to protect acequias from illegal uses of water, misuse of the acequia easement, and other common problems.

We hope you or someone from your acequia can attend this workshop. We will also encourage attendees to follow up with NMAA staff if you are interested in technical assistance on a specific topic. The NMAA is asking for a modest registration fee of $10 per person to cover the cost of food. Please register by calling the NMAA office at 505-995-9644.

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