Runoff news: The Yampa River is flowing at 213 cfs, well below normal #COdrought


From Steamboat Today (Tom Ross):

Tubers and fly-fishermen were coexisting nicely and making the most of ideal conditions Thursday as the Yampa River was flowing at 230 cubic feet per second in Steamboat Springs. But that couldn’t disguise the fact that the river level is well below norms for this time of year and headed lower. The median flow for this date is 775 cfs…

After falling steeply for the last week, the Yampa appears to be settling into more stable flows, or at least declining more gradually. Yet, the Colorado River Basin Forecast Center in Salt Lake City reports current flows here are below the 25th percentile in terms of typical flows for this date.

At this time last year, the Yampa in the Steamboat town stretch was flowing at an all-time low for the date of 44 cfs. It was on June 25, 2012, that the Steamboat Today reported the Colorado Water Trust had signed a groundbreaking agreement with the Upper Yampa Water Conservation District and the Colorado Water Conservation Board to lease water from Stagecoach Reservoir to bolster flows through Steamboat…

The Forecast Center is predicting that the river flows will remain above 150 cfs through July 5. However, in addition to the high-country snow that continues to feed the river’s tributaries this time of year, crop irrigation also is a factor in river levels.

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