Drought news: South Platte and North Platte basins drought free, SE Colorado still hurting in areas #COdrought

US Drought Monitor December 5, 2013
US Drought Monitor December 5, 2013

Click here to go to the US Drought Monitor website. Here’s an excerpt:

The Central and Northern Plains and the Midwest

This area remained status quo for the week. Moderate to cool temperatures and areas of frozen soil led to no change in the drought depiction in the region.

The West

Abnormal Dryness (D0) expanded in the northern Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington as well as on the Oregon Coast. These areas have missed most of the recent precipitation that has fallen around the Northwest and have significant deficits for the year. The rest of the West remains unchanged this week.

Looking ahead

During the December 5-9, 2013 time period, precipitation is forecast along much of the eastern U.S., from the Southern Plains extending into New England. An above normal chance of precipitation is also present across areas of the West, particularly in the Southwest. Temperatures are expected to be below-normal across the country, with the exception of the East Coast during this time.

For the ensuing 5 days (December 10-14, 2013), the odds favor above-normal temperatures in the Southeast and in northern Alaska. Normal to below-normal temperatures are favored across the rest of the CONUS and in southern and central Alaska. Above normal-precipitation is likely across most of the eastern third of the country, in northern Alaska, and from the Pacific coast, through the Rockies and into the northern Plains. The eastern Southwest and the Central and Southern Plains, as well as the southwestern Midwest and southern Alaska are likely to see below-normal precipitation.

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