HUD will provide $63 million to help our communities recover from floods #COflood

Meanwhile the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Sarah Jane Kyle) reports that there are snags in the distribution of recovery dough:

Throughout the fall, concerts, T-shirts and feel-good fundraisers championed the hundreds of flood survivors who were put out of their homes and away from their livelihoods. Donors were assured their dollars would make a difference in their lives.

Relief organizations say they’ll soon start using those dollars to get survivors…

The American Red Cross raised $6.3 million designated flood relief funds to put toward the organization’s anticipated $6.7 million cost of flood relief. The Long-Term Recovery Group, a collection of agencies with the United Way as a fiscal agent, has raised $921,750.41 as of Nov. 30. Catholic Charities expects to raise around $50,000 to help with flood-related needs.

Other agencies, such as Habitat for Humanity, have a small fund set aside in case a need arises. Loveland Habitat has about $500 in a fund so far but has not been actively fundraising, according to Executive Director Gwen Stephenson.

The dollars are allocated to various needs, including housing, item replacement and filling “unmet needs.” But most haven’t begun doling out dollars, and others are just beginning that process.

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