Two Rivers Water & Farming Company acquires additional farmland in Pueblo County

Straight line diagram of the Lower Arkansas Valley ditches via Headwaters
Straight line diagram of the Lower Arkansas Valley ditches via Headwaters

Here’s the release from Two Rivers via The Wall Street Journal:

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company ( announced today that the Company has completed the acquisition of additional irrigated farmland in Pueblo County, Colorado. Two Rivers will add the new acquisition to irrigated farmland the Company currently owns and present a 250 acre fruit and vegetable farm unit for sale and lease back to investors at the Global AgInvesting Conference in New York City starting April 29, 2014.

Two Rivers acquires irrigated farmland used for feed crop production and redevelops it into fruit and vegetable crop production. Once redevelopment is completed, the Company sells the farmland to institutional investors with a lease back from the investors to Two Rivers. Through these types of transactions, Two Rivers is able to expand revenues and earnings without having to issue additional common stock.

Two Rivers expects to add 1,000 acres to its fruit and vegetable planting in 2015 through sale/lease-back type transactions. Two Rivers produce is grown and marketed through Dionisio Farms and Produce, a wholly owned subsidiary of Two Rivers, which has over 50 years experience growing and selling produce to national accounts in the United States.

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