Colorado Foundation for Water Education President’s Award Reception

Sean Cronin and John McClow at the 2014 CFWE President's Award Reception
Sean Cronin and John McClow at the 2014 CFWE President’s Award Reception

Sean Cronin received the 2014 Emerging Leader Award yesterday at the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s President’s Award Reception. Alan Hamel received this year’s President’s Award.

The shindig at the Colorado History Museum is an annual event to recognize leaders in the water community.

Mr. Cronin [St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District] related a life event that helped point him towards a career in water. As a young Eagle Scout eager to serve his community he organized a clean up of a local pond. He remembers now that the clean up of “weeds” included cattails and other wetland flora. Most of those present knew immediately that Sean and his cohorts were rooting around in a wetlands. He admitted that he should have sought a “404 permit.”

He asserted that he didn’t get any callouses on his hands performing his role in the aftermath of the September flooding. He said his blisters showed up in another area from sitting in meeting after meeting. He credits the first responders and the personnel rebuilding the infrastructure along with folk’s lives for doing the real work.

Mr. Hamel continued that theme acknowledging that he knows that successful individuals depend on their network for inspiration, mentoring, and support. He emphasized the importance of communication, honesty, and transparency as values for leaders.

Mr. Hamel retired from the Pueblo Board of Water Works last year after 54 years of service to the community. Retired is a relative term however as he is the currently serving as Vice-Chair for the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

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