Meet Don Brown Colorado’s new agriculture commissioner — KUNC

Here’s an interview with newly minted Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown from Luke Runyon and KUNC. Here’s an excerpt:

On Taking Over The Department

“I’m filling mighty big shoes. And that would be my predecessors Commissioner Salazar, Commissioner Stulp, Commissioner Ament and prior ones. And so I don’t plan any universal changes immediately. I don’t think they’re necessary. Those of us in the production world primarily, and not always, but primarily view the Colorado Department of Ag a friendly organization, one that’s there to help the producers.”

On Priorities In The New Role

“Over the years the Colorado Department of Ag has branched from a regulatory agency to an educational agency also. One my primary focuses is this idea that we continue to educate our consumer, the consumer of our food, about the safety of our food. We’re such a narrow sliver of society any more as producers and ag-oriented people, that we need to carry our message to people who are consuming at the end of the day.”

On Helping Farmers Adapt To Climate Change

“By the very nature of the business they adapt very quickly to changing weather conditions no matter how they’re perceived to be caused or otherwise. So they’ll probably adjust first because they’re growing things and they rely on adapting different crops, different water uses. They will adapt.

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