Paonia: The Western Slope Switch 2020 Climate Challenge, May 1-3

Colorado average temperature 1895 thru 2015 via the Colorado Climate Center
Colorado average temperature 1895 thru 2015 via the Colorado Climate Center

From email from Mountain West Strategies (Pete Kolbenschlag):

Our Goal? To deliver and follow through on a strong action plan that produces concrete steps toward solving the Colorado climate challenge. The Switch 2020 mission asks all of us (individuals, businesses and governments) to work together to move toward carbon neutrality by improving our energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy. Plus reduce our water use by half. Together we can do it!

Your ideas are going to pave the way to real change in Colorado!

We are bringing a diverse group of people together from all over Western Colorado. We are going to meet, focus on our challenges and hash out a firm action plan to change the course our future. We look forward to you joining us!

Why Participate and Engage?

Many projections see Colorado heading into a drier future and the earth’s climate heading toward crisis. Changing our energy consumption acting now and to protect our precious water resources are challenges vital to all of us. We can get this done today without it being done for us by someone else tomorrow.

Can Colorado single handedly reverse the course of the Climate Crisis? Maybe not, but it is possible for Colorado to become the global leader in showing how to do it.

With our can-do spirit, know-how and efforts to take on these challenges, our local communities, residents, environment and economy can immediately benefit by our actions.
As we make concrete steps toward solving this critical challenge, we can leverage our shared business and environmental expertise, engineering genius, and entrepreneurial spirit to improve all our lives.

The Western Slope Climate Challenge is a working conference where leaders of industry, activists, politicians and concerned citizens use the proven methods of rapid prototyping to explore issues and find agreed upon solutions. Presenter/Guides will lead participants into breakout session to identify a problem, discuss solutions, agree on action and write a working blueprint to tackle our challenges. Everyone self selects into a team of their choice to take on a specific challenge, then help implement plans to achieve the goals the team establishes. Going forward, everyone who participates plays an active role individually and together to make these plans happen. Once we leave the conference each of us must continue to be accountable to ourselves and our team’s objectives to make the difference. Together we can do this!

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2 thoughts on “Paonia: The Western Slope Switch 2020 Climate Challenge, May 1-3

  1. I’m curious how the bog AG will work to reduce their over all use. Especially considering how much of the San Luis valley’s aquifers are being drained for Hops.


    Unlike Medina’s 40-acre farm and others that rely on only surface water, the commercial agriculture that built up the valley is large-scale and competitive, and relies on center-pivot irrigation devices that pump heavily from underground aquifers. Commercial production of potatoes and hay — using 6,000 wells and 2,700 center-pivots to irrigate 120-acre crop circles — exploded after the 1950s.

    The pumping has depleted aquifers by more than 1 million acre-feet since 1976 and now is affecting surface streams. One acre-foot approximately serves the needs of two families of four for a year.

    By May, center-pivot farmers must activate a plan to reduce the water pulled from the aquifer by about 30,000 acre-feet a year

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