Colorado AG says state will challenge @EPA’s fuel efficiency rule change — The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel #ActOnClimate #KeepItInTheGround

Leaf Byers Canyon August 21, 2017.

From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

The EPA finalized a new standard requiring vehicle fuel economy to increase by 1.5 percent each year, a lower amount than the 5 percent increase put into place during the Obama administration. The rule change creates a uniform federal standard flouting more strict standards like those implemented by California.

[Phil]Weiser said in a statement the regulatory rollback “rejects science” and “will harm public health and air quality.”

“The EPA’s misguided rollback is at odds with the agency’s own science and data, which show that the weaker fuel economy standards will increase air pollution, cost consumers more at the pump, and fail to make the nation’s roads safer,” Weiser said.

Last year, Colorado followed California’s lead in adopting a strict zero emission vehicle (ZEV) standard, which requires at least 5 percent of all vehicles sold in Colorado to be ZEVs by 2023.

Weiser said the EPA’s rule change “threatens to thwart Colorado’s ZEV program, which was implemented to improve air quality, reduce harmful ozone pollution, decrease fuel costs, and increase choices that Colorado customers have when purchasing an electric vehicle.”

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