Cranes of Blue Water: Ancient Creatures Over Historic Waters — Platte Basin Timelapse

Here’s a great story map from Kylee Warren that you can access on the Platte Basin Timelapse website. Click through to read and view the whole thing and to view the beautiful images.. Here’s an excerpt:

It was 2008, and I was on a family road trip through familiar lands. My aunt and uncle generously included me on their thirtieth wedding anniversary vacation to see the spring sandhill crane migration. I had never seen a crane before, and little did I know this journey would change my life…

But I knew this road well. I traveled Highway 92 many times while living with my grandparents during my childhood summers. At this moment, the only unfamiliarity was the group of many tall, silvery birds feeding and lingering in spent corn fields in front of the railroad tracks. The cranes also surprised my aunt and uncle. They grew up in this area but did not remember seeing so many cranes on this stretch of highway. I wanted to linger in Lewellen to get a closer look, but I heard I would see plenty of cranes on the 70 mile stretch of river between Kearney and Grand Island.

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