#Snowpack news: #SanJuanRiver Basin SWE = 80.4% of normal

From The Pagosa Springs Sun (Chris Mannara):

This week, snow water equivalency (SWE) is 25.9 inches. Last week, it was 26.4 inches.

The SWE median has increased, however, going from 31.7 inches to 32.2 inches this week.

This week, SWE data is 80.4 percent of median, compared to last week, when it was 83.3 percent of median.

This week, precipitation data is recorded at 26.5 inches. Last week, it was 25.9 inches.

The precipitation median has increased as well, going from 33.5 inches to 34 inches this week.
Precipitation data is 79.9 percent of median this week. Last week, it was 78.8 percent of median.

Westwide SNOTEL basin-filled map April 10, 2020 via the NRCS.

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