Construction finishes on $650 million water pumping station at Lake Mead — News 3 Las Vegas

Las Vegas Lake Mead intake schematic, courtesy SNWA.

From (Cody Miller):

The Southern Nevada Water Authority, along with contractor Barnard of Nevada, Inc., announced the completion of the Low Lake Level Pumping Station after nearly five years of construction.

The $650 million project at Lake Mead was finished on time and came in under budget, marking a big step in new infrastructure that is critical in preserving reliable water delivery for the valley.

The pumping station holds a capacity to deliver 900 million gallons of water per day to two of SNWA’s treatment facilities…

The station consists of 34 submersible pumps located in shafts that are six feet in diameter. These shafts extend 500 feet to a 12,500-square-foot underground cavern. This cavern, called a forebay, is linked by a tunnel to a third water intake, which is at the 860-foot elevation within Lake Mead…

This intake, which was finished being installed in 2015, ensures that Southern Nevada will still have access to the lake’s precious water supply even if levels drop below the other two intakes located at 1,000- and 1,050-foot elevations.

This protects the community from drought conditions as well as customers from water quality issues related to dropping lake levels.

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