Jerry Sonnenberg says #Nebraska Governor Ricketts ignored his offer to talk about #SouthPlatteRiver #water rights: Gov. Polis calls for ‘thoughtful Nebraskans’ to work with #Colorado for mutual benefit — The #FortMorgan Times

Governor Clarence J. Morley signing Colorado River compact and South Platte River compact bills, Delph Carpenter standing center. Unidentified photographer. Date 1925. Print from Denver Post. From the CSU Water Archives

Click the link to read the article on The Fort Morgan Times (Jeff Rice). Here’s an excerpt:

Colorado State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, told the Journal-Advocate he’d reached out to Ricketts in January and offered to travel to Lincoln to discuss the issue. Apparently, however, Ricketts wasn’t interested.

“I reached out to Gov. Ricketts by phone, identifying myself and suggesting we talk,” Sonnenberg said. “I was immediately transferred to his scheduler and shared my contact information. I suggested we should talk and I was happy to meet him in Lincoln. I never received a return call.”

Other Colorado officials would be willing to work with Nebraska as well. Asked Friday whether Gov. Jared Polis would be willing to negotiate with Ricketts on the water issue, a spokesperson in Polis’ office gave the following statement:

“Gov. Polis will continue to aggressively defend our water rights for the Eastern Plains, our farmers and ranchers, and all of Colorado. Colorado will fight for our interests, uphold our obligations in good faith, and oppose attempts to divert Colorado’s rightful precious water resources. This canal to nowhere would clearly be a huge waste of Nebraska taxpayer money and is unlikely to ever be built. There remains time for thoughtful Nebraskans to avoid this boondoggle and focus on meaningful water policy working with partners like Colorado.”

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