#Drought expands in the Southwest U.S., worsening the region’s #wildire risk and #water crisis — CNN

West Drought Monitor map May 3, 2022.

Click the link to read the article on the CNN website (Rachel Ramirez and Brandon Miller). Here’s an excerpt:

Drought conditions worsened in much of the Southwest over the past week, according to the latest update from the US Drought Monitor, deepening the region’s water crisis and fueling record-setting wildfires across multiple states. More than 98% of the Southwest is in drought this week, according to the monitor, which noted that reservoir storage levels were below-normal in all Western states except for Washington…

US Drought Monitor map May 3, 2022.

The drought-fueled water crisis isn’t limited to California. In the Rio Grande Basin, the Elephant Butte Reservoir in New Mexico is roughly 13% full. In the Colorado River Basin, Lake Powell was at 24% of capacity, while Lake Mead was at 31%, according to US Bureau of Reclamation. On Tuesday, the federal government announced it is taking unprecedented, emergency steps to help boost water levels at Lake Powell…

The dry conditions primed New Mexico’s landscape for the largest fire so far in 2022. The Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon fires — which merged this week — have already burned more than 160,000 acres. That’s more land burned so far in 2022 than in the past two full years combined. The fires prompted the evacuation of thousands of people, with much of the state under a critical fire threat…

Scientists say the West’s historic, multi-year drought is a clear sign of how the climate crisis is affecting not only the weather, but also communities’ water supply, food production, electricity generation and livelihoods. The current conditions is particularly worrisome for many, considering it is only spring season — and summertime heat may worsen conditions. As the planet warms, drought and extreme heat will also fuel deadly wildfires and exacerbate the water crisis.

US Drought Monitor one week change map ending May 3, 2022.

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  1. So, overlay this map with a tornado map, then overlay it with a hurricane one, then top it off with a flood map and MAYBE I can figure out where to move to.

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