State appeals court upholds Larimer County’s decision to deny permit for #Thornton pipeline — The #FortCollins Coloradoan

Thornton Water Project route map via

Click the link to read the article on the Fort Collins Coloradoan webslite (Bethany Osborn). Here’s an excerpt:

The Thornton pipeline continues to face obstacles after the Colorado Court of Appeals on [September 1, 2022] upheld Larimer County’s denial of a permit that would allow the pipeline to run through private property north of Fort Collins.

The decision against the major water project for the city of Thornton comes after a long journey through Colorado’s judicial system. Larimer County commissioners originally denied Thornton a 1041 permit to construct 12 miles of a pipeline through unincorporated parts of the county in 2018 and again in 2019. Commissioners said both times that Thornton’s proposed project failed to meet several criteria required under 1041 permits…

The next step in the judicial process for Thornton could be an appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court, though project officials have not yet announced if this will be their next move. 

“We will take some time to analyze what the court said in the ruling and consider our next steps,” Todd Barnes, Thornton’s communications director, told the Coloradoan in an email. “Thornton remains committed to bringing the high-quality water we own down to the people in our community.”

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