The #PagosaSprings Sanitation General Improvement District approves 2023 budget — The Pagosa Springs Sun

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Click the link to read the article on the Pagosa Springs Sun website (Josh Pike). Here’s an excerpt:

At Dec. 6 meetings, the Pagosa Springs Town Council and Pagosa Springs Sanitation General Improvement District (PSSGID) held public hearings and approved the town and sanitation district budgets for 2023…

PSSGID budget

At the later PSSGID meeting, the town council, acting as the PSSGID board, was briefed by Phillips on the 2023 budget. Phillips explained that the total resources for the district in 2023, including $817,089 in carryover funds and $1,254,454 in revenue, are budgeted as $2,071,543. She added that the district antici- pates spending $1,397,564 in 2023, thus spending into reserves by $143,110…

She indicated that the district is also planning to begin design and engineering on additional headworks equipment, including an automated bar screen, as well as work on rebuilding outdated lift stations near Apache Street and the Visitor Center. She noted that the budget would likely not contain enough money to accomplish the lift station rebuilding projects and that additional funds would need to be found.

Phillips also indicated that the 2023 revenues assume that the dis- trict board approves an increase in the monthly service fees to $53.50, as suggested by a 2018 rate study, as well as an increase in the tap fee to $4,995 per equivalent unit. She added that the budget assumes that the district will receive 15 new taps and customers in 2023, although she stated that the district likely would surpass this number due to development occurring in the area. Phillips also noted that the budget includes funding for phased replacement of collection lines and money to pay the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District (PAWSD) for treat-ment of waste pumped to its plant.

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