Cleveland Start-Up to Offer Smart Water Meter on Kickstarter

Sprav smart water meter
Sprav smart water meter

Here’s the release from Sprav Water, LLC:

Sprav Water LLC, the makers of a smart water meter that allows users to determine, in real time, shower water and energy usage, today announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign ( to help fund the development of the revolutionary new product. The new meters, which easily clip onto the pipe behind the user’s existing showerhead, can help save consumers hundreds of dollars per year by reducing water and energy costs from showering.

“The idea started as an extra credit assignment at Case Western where we were tasked with creating a tool to reduce energy consumption in homes,” said Craig Lewis, CEO of Sprav Water. “We all sat down and thought back to the days when we were kids getting yelled at for taking too long in the shower, and realized that this was a market with little innovation and great opportunity for growth.”

Real-time feedback from an easy to view lighted indicator allows the user to manage shower duration and hot water usage. Users can also view periodic usage reports, set custom goals, and even view shower usage in real-time, through a simple mobile app on their smartphones or tablets. The device is designed to better control household water usage and drive greater awareness and action toward the conservation of local, state and national natural resources.

The Cleveland start-up is comprised of three Case Western Reserve University engineering students and an industrial design graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Sprav Water was recently seed-funded by Bizdom, a nonprofit entrepreneurship accelerator for tech-based companies who operate their business in the downtown cores of Detroit and Cleveland.

“We’ve had a great deal of support from a variety of individuals and organizations both at CWRU and CIA, “said Craig Lewis, CEO of Sprav Water. “We have made extensive use of the 3D printing capabilities of think[box] at CWRU to help us quickly prototype designs. We also took advantage of several joint CWRU and CIA product competitions as well as the Blackstone Launchpad program. We are very fortunate to be located in an area where technical and creative resources can easily come together to create new businesses and potential jobs.”

Project backers can donate to the campaign by going to ( and they will receive a device in their choice of either chrome or satin nickel finish for $49 or $59 respectively. The first units will be shipped April 2014 to project backers, and eventually the meters will be available for purchase online at and at plumbing and hardware retailers nationwide.

About Sprav Water
Sprav Water LLC, is launching a smart water meter that allows users to monitor, in real time, shower water and energy usage. The device reduces water waste and energy consumption.

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