Snowpack/runoff news: Colorado Springs Utilities will not impose watering restrictions this season #COdrought

From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Monica Mendozq):

A snowy winter in the Upper Colorado Basin is the city’s water savior. It’s the snowpack that fills Utilities’ reservoirs, which in recent years had dipped to below normal levels and had officials nervous about having enough water in storage for emergencies.

Once this year’s snow melts, Utilities expects it will have 2.3 years of water in storage – or about 73 percent of capacity. That’s a pretty good place to be, said Abby Ortega, Utilities water planner.

“We are expecting to fully recover storage levels to normal,” Ortega said.

Still, Utilities will roll out a $600,000 conservation campaign encouraging residents to water their lawns three days a week or less.

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