May The Arkansas

What a good way to start the month. Ditches are running, farmers are getting their crops into the ground and watering them up. Optimism is high for the most part due to a decent snowpack in most areas.

Longtime readers will know that I’m a fan of Justice Hobbs’ poetry and writing. Here’s a picture poem that he sent via email on Saturday:

May The Arkansas


Bent’s Fort on the way to Old Mexico


The ever-working river
scallops a field of furrow rows


There’s no closer work to the elemental
– the keepers, the feeders, the binders –


Sunset comes before dinner


And the glow of an early May morning beams
Let’s get-back-to-it!


(for Dan, Jamie, Avery, and all Colorado farm families)

Greg Hobbs 5/3/2014

Reprinted, with permission.

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