Larimer County is looking at alternatives to ban on development in floodplains

Cache la Poudre River
Cache la Poudre River

From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Pamela Johnson):

Larimer County is going ahead with a pilot study of potentially tying rebuilding rules in the floodway to the level of hazard instead of a blanket ban.

County Engineer Mark Peterson updated the commissioners at a public meeting Tuesday that the pilot portion of the study will focus on two stretches of the Poudre River and look at ranking the hazard based on depth and velocity.

Based on a recommendation of the flood review board, the county will look at three different levels of measurement, all which are higher than the measurement used by the city of Boulder, which has a similar ranking system.

That portion of the pilot study should be complete by July, then the county will look at erosion hazards in the same two areas of the Poudre River.

The data is expected to reveal to the county how such a system would work and allow the commissioners to decide whether it is an option they would like to pursue.

The floodway is the area closest to the river within a flood plain, and currently, county rules prohibit rebuilding of any structures that are destroyed or more than 50 percent damaged within that area. The ban applies to flood damage as well as destruction from fire, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters.

Residents have complained that the rule affects their property values and ability to sell their homes and asked the county to repeal the ban altogether and allow them to rebuild as long as they elevate the structure to state and federal standards.

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