February 2017 Water Information Program newsletter

Pagosa Skyrocket via Native Ecosystems
Pagosa Skyrocket via Native Ecosystems

Click here to read the newsletter. Here’s an excerpt:

Justin Ramsey Takes Over as PAWSD Manager

In January 2017 the PAWSD Board of Directors promoted Justin Ramsey to District Manager, replacing Renee Lewis. Mr. Ramsey had served as the District Engineer since May 2015. He has over twenty years of water and wastewater design and construction administration experience. Mr. Ramsey has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and a Masters of Engineering in Civil Engineering both from Northern Arizona University. He is a registered professional engineer in four states and has designed and overseen the construction of water and wastewater treatment, conveyance and disposal facilities throughout the southwest.

Prior to coming to PAWSD, Mr. Ramsey lived and worked in Arizona and sat on the City of Flagstaff’s Water Commission where he reviewed and provided recommendations on a variety of utility assessments including capital improvement project budgets, inflow and infiltration studies, water leakage studies, rate studies and energy audits. Mr. Ramsey has also consulted with multiple regulatory agencies to provide training, develop regulations and represent agencies in a variety of venues. Congratulations, and welcome!

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