Flood Safety And Wildfire Awareness Week

Flooded confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River June 2015 photo via Andy Cross, Getty Images and The Denver Post

From KOAA.com (Jessica Van Meter):

Governor Hickenlooper has declared this week “Flood Safety and Wildfire Awareness Week”. To go along with that, we’ll be touching on several related topics this week to help you prepare for these threats. We’ve had our fair share of experience with each issue, so it’s a good idea to always be aware of the potential for each situation.

Flooding can happen when there is heavy rain and/or rapid snow melt over a period of time. Flash flooding is a very sudden rise in water due to heavy rain or sudden breaks in ice jams, dams, or levees. Flooding can also occur when recently burned areas experience rain. We’ll discuss these types of flooding in more detail throughout the week.

For flooding, alerts are issued like they are for other severe weather events:

– A Flood Watch will be issued when flooding is possible within a certain area.

– A Flood Warning will be issued when flooding in imminent or has already been reported. When a warning is issued for your area it’s important to get to higher ground as soon as possible.

– A Flood Advisory can be issued for minor flooding along rivers and creeks.

– An Areal Flood Warning is issued for flooding in areas away from set river forecast points.

Nearly half of flood fatalities are vehicle related. Turn around, don’t drown. Never try to drive through flooded areas. The road underneath could already be washed away. Plus, just one to two feet of water can carry away most vehicles. It’s a better idea to back up and find another route.

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