Poem: Red Rocks — Greg Hobbs


Red Rocks

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We gathered here for farming,
for mining and for trees,
came to work the traplines
and gold upon our knees,
we prayed to God for guidance
and mapped a thousand peaks,
built the gleaming cities
and plugged the wildest creeks.

The Rockies have a hold of us
and of our ancestry,
plains and rivers tell us
there’s granite in the sea,
an ocean where the canyons are,
each rock a history,
Colorado is as old as us
as young as we might be.

Now each of us has had a day
we’ve done our best and worst,
said our share of lying
and placing mankind first,
we’ve but to see that lupine
is the future at our feet
and marmots running sprightly
over Rocky Mountain peaks.

Thunder’s booming sharply
across the plains below,
we see the lightning flashing,
hear the wind begin to blow,
mountains all are burning
in sunset’s awesome glow,
it’s all up there before us
in clouds piled up like snow.

Red Rocks, Justice Greg Hobbs,
Colorado Mother of Rivers, Water Poems at 26
(Colorado Foundation for Water Education 2005)

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