Sedalia: Proposed reservoir on Penley Ranch is attracting opposition

A picture named plumcreeknearsedalia.jpg

From (Jeffrey Wolf/Matt Flener):

Developers are looking to build a water reservoir on the 1,179-acre Penley Ranch in Douglas County near Sedalia along Colorado State Highway 67. The property is located near Jarre Canyon, and has long been a favorite view for nearby homeowners and those who have hunted and walked the land. Some neighbors in the nearby Indian Creek Ranch subdivision say the proposed reservoir and two dams would decrease property values and add costs for flood insurance…

The reservoir on the land would hold anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 acre-feet of water, depending on which one of the two options are chosen by Douglas County planners. “Option A,” as it is called, would hold more water at a total cost of $150 million, whereas “Option B” would hold less at a cost of roughly $56 million. The reservoir and dams would require final approval from federal and state authorities before construction begins. Fellows says it is too early to say what city, county, or water district may eventually control the water, and could not guarantee Douglas County would receive any water…

The reservoir would have no public use and would have a security fence to keep people out of the property, according to developers.

More South Platte River basin coverage here.

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