DU Water Law Review symposium recap

Friends of Greg Hobbs gathered yesterday at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law to reflect on his distinguished career. It turned out to be a celebration of Greg Hobbs, the man.

The speakers detailed their professional interactions with the Justice over the years. How he helped the Acequia Assistance Project at the University of Colorado or his quick turn around for documents winding their way through the court’s important legal maze.

But the essence of Hobbs relationships were revealed by the gentle jabs and credit for mentoring and friendship.

We learned that one particular business trip could have wiped out the whole liberal wing of the court.

For Amy Beatie it was a quiet assurance that environmental concerns could be met using Colorado water law, but go out and practice water law privately for a while to really learn it.

For Susan Schulten it was the use of the old maps of the West and Colorado to explain how Colorado was settled or how water law evolved.

Thanks to the The University of Denver Water Law Review for a great program.

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