2019 #COleg: Kerry Donovan recaps the session

From The Ark Valley Voice (Kerry Donovan):

Climate Data Bill (SB19-096)

With the growing concerns about the impact of climate on our economy, I passed a bill to collect long term climate data for the state so that we can work to create solutions that are informed by Colorado-specific data.

Water Bills: (SB19-186, SB19-221, HB19-1113)

Water is a critical part of Colorado’s businesses and way of life, which is is why I carried SB19-186, SB19-221 and HB19-1113 to protect water from adverse mining impacts, to take a step towards funding the critical water projects the Western Slope has prioritized, and to broaden the scope of agriculture’s role in water quality.

Acid mine drainage Pennsylvania Mine via the Summit County Citizens Voice

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