Snowpack/runoff news: The South Platte Basin is still the best in the state = 86% of the median

Click on a thumbnail graphic to march across the water year Westwide SNOTEL’s.

Meanwhile The Durango Herald is reporting that snowpack in the southwestern watersheds has dropped to 54% of normal. Here’s an excerpt:

The Colorado statewide snowpack stands at 69 percent of average while the Colorado River basin, which supplies some of the water to lower-basin states, including California, is at 76 percent of average.

Conditions are even more critical in Southwest Colorado where the snow/water equivalent in the existing snowpack is 54 percent of the 30-year median as of Friday. Looking at year-to-date precipitation in the same region – which doesn’t account for snow-water equivalency or melting – that was 67 percent of average as of Friday…

Strong wind such as has occurred in recent days could bring dust to Southwest Colorado, including its snow-covered mountains, A covering of dust is undesirable because the dark coating absorbs heat, causing the snow to melt more quickly.

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