March was dry, but reservoirs are high

Mile High Water Talk

March was dry, but reservoirs are high

What it takes to manage water supply in Colorado’s fickle climate

By Stacy Chesney

Riddle me this:

If Denver Water relies on snow to fill its reservoirs, and most of March — typically the snowiest month of the year — is one of the driest in Colorado’s history, how can Denver’s water supply remain in good shape?

Is the answer:

Smart planning? Efficient water use? Luck?

Actually, it is all of the above. It may seem counterintuitive given the low snowpack levels across Colorado, but as Bob Steger, Denver Water’s manager of raw water supply, explains, Mother Nature, smart planning and customer water use have all factored into Denver’s strong water supply despite the recent conditions.

We wanted to delve into this topic a little deeper, so we asked Bob to answer a few more questions about what it takes to manage water…

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