“The Law Without Scholarship Would Build A Boat to Float a Waterless Sea,” April 9-10, 2015 #hobbsdu

The Faculty, D.U. Water Law Review Symposium, “The Law Without Scholarship Would Build A Boat to Float a Waterless Sea,” April 9-10, 2015

Convener Emily Dowd
“Bring our young people in, let the Four Corners shine on them!”


John Fielder
“Call Yampa, White, the Rio Grande, San Juan, the Platte, the Arkansas.”


Marty Katz
“Fit crafts require skilled navigators and the whole great ocean to venture in.”


Allison Eid and Nancy Rice
“Kindness and respect being firm and resolute when it’s time for decision.”


Abigail Adams
“The right to vote maturing to pair equality and opportunity.”


Troy Eid and Patricio Serna
“Give wise counsel freely to another, stir the leaven into good and edible fry bread.”


Lucy Marsh
“Enjoin the law, heal, forgive, breathe in wisdom’s simple undying spirit.”


Sarah Krakoff
“Nothing’s written but isn’t once and future increment.”


Tom Romero
“In the music of this stream we can hear our people talking to us.”


Susan Schulten
“Lincoln didn’t crave a fight to make it right, but couldn’t short for standing tall, “all created equal” meant all his might.”


Patty Limerick
“Find the tipping point within the argument.”


Ken and Ruth Wright
“A wheeling condor can see the stepping waters spring, amidst a starburst. Climb from the earth’s center, circle on circle.”


Fred Cheever
“The state of being free is founded on the land itself.” 


Amy Beatie and David Robbins
“Many tributaries flow from the mountains, all would head for the sea.”


Sandi Zellmer
“Whatever possessory interests we might assert, the land, the air, the waters own us.”


Jean Dubofsky and Alex Martinez
“What it means to govern is to unite, no more perfect than each of us might see. Possibilities are numbered in the generations.”


Mike Bender
“Recall the direction we are travelling is not linear.  Never, exactly, has the world moved as any individual thought it could or should.”


Greg and Bobbie Hobbs
“Into the canopy, the turn of Nature’s day, the rule of love.”


Photos by Christopher Ainscough. Quotes from Greg Hobbs, Volume 18/Special Poetry Issue/Spring 2015, University of Denver Water Law Review.

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