Standing on the Shoulders of Colorado’s Water Leaders

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11059322_887335507983780_2357387834280974179_n Cheryl Benedict facilitates the first Water Leaders session for the 2015 class.

It’s all about the interpersonal skills. The more senior you advance in an organization, the more important your emotional intelligence becomes—it’s a big predictor of success, and is especially true in the water profession, says Cheryl Benedict, Water Leaders facilitator.

Through the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s Water Leaders program, mid-level water professionals have the opportunity to explore emotional intelligence and network with a cohort of others who live and work across Colorado. The 2015 class of Water Leaders met for the first time last month.

“Every class I’ve facilitated has been amazing,” Benedict says. “One of the consistent characteristics I’ve noticed about each of the participants is how cause-motivated and passionate they are about the water profession…Frankly, I’m smitten with the whole Water Leader group.”

11070223_887335551317109_6392486909950057439_n The 2015 class of Water Leaders

Last month, the 2015 Water…

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