One of Colorado’s largest synthetically lined, raw water reservoirs celebrates its grand opening May 15, 2019

From (Erin Roney):

The Ranch Reservoir is located near the South Platte River and Kersey, on property adjacent to Weld Adams Water Development Authority President Bob Lembke’s 70 Ranch in Weld County.

“We don’t have a water shortage problem in Colorado,” Lembke said. “There is plenty of water in Colorado. We just have to capture and store it for those times and seasons when we need it.”


“This is a big deal,” said Drew Damiano, vice president of operations for the Weld Adams Water Development Authority. “The reservoir is a critically important component of our system. It will allow us to utilize our decreed water rights to the fullest extent for agricultural, municipal and industrial purposes.”

70 Randh Reservoir: Partnering with the Platte River Water Development Authority, this facility will be used to store water for the support of 70 Ranch’s cattle and farming operations as well as provide storage for local agricultural and municipal water providers. Photo credit: 70 Ranch

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