#Colorado City may raise rates to patch up leaky system

Water infrastructure as sidewalk art

From KOAA.com (Spencer Humphrey):

… the Pueblo County town of Colorado City is at risk of having its water supply go dry within months…

[James Eccher] does have plans to help the issue long-term, which includes adding more wells to fill the lake since the city holds all of its groundwater rights.

“We’re looking at building a second dam,” Eccher said. “Which is gonna be another chunk of money.”

But none of that can’t happen right away.

“There’s a lot of forces out there and we’re not the only small town looking for money,” he said.

Eccher said he has reached out to several government agencies, including the Department of Local Affairs, to talk about funding, but hasn’t heard back.

In the meantime, he said in order to fix up the area’s aging, leaky infrastructure, they’re considering raising tap fees for water and sewer use.

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