Carson Lake maintenance project starting this month — The #GrandJunction Daily Sentinel

From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

Carson Lake, a popular spot on Grand Mesa, has been drained in anticipation of maintenance work that will start this month.

The Carson Lake dam, which is part of the city of Grand Junction’s water supply system, was reclassified as a High Hazard Dam in 2015 because of developments occurring in the lower Kannah Creek basin and a dam safety evaluation was completed.

There have not been capacity restrictions placed on the dam or any critical safety issues identified, but maintenance projects are being implemented.

The current timeline has work beginning June 28 and being completed about Oct. 31.

The project includes the construction of new inlet and outlet structures, the lining of existing outlet pipe, spillway renovation, installation of an impact basin in the spillway channel and the installation of remote monitoring system.

The US Forest Service is encouraging trail users to access trails in the Kannah Creek basin at either the Deep Creek Trail Head or the Carson Lake Trail Head, which is on the rim south of Carson Lake, on the way to Flowing Park Reservoir.

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