Governor Polis Names #Colorado Department of Natural Resources Director Dan Gibbs, as Chair of the Interbasin Compact Committee

The eight major river basins, plus the Denver metro area, are shown on this map from the South Platte River Basin Roundtable. Each basin has its own roundtable, made up of volunteers, to address local water issues.
Credit: Colorado Water Conservation Board

Here’s the release from Governor Polis’ office (Chris Arend):

Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced the appointment of Dan Gibbs, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), as Chair of the Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC).

The IBCC was established to share information across Colorado’s eight major river basins and to facilitate negotiations amongst them. Its members provide expertise in water-related environmental, recreational, local governmental, industrial, and agricultural policy matters and it serves as a venue for consensus-building.

In this role, Director Gibbs will Chair the IBCC, a 27-member committee that includes representatives from the nine basin roundtables, Colorado Senate and House Agriculture Committee representatives, and six Governor appointees from geographically diverse parts of the state.

“Water is so important for Colorado’s economy and our quality of life,” said Governor Jared Polis. “Today now more than ever, we need strong leadership to ensure a healthy environment, viable agriculture, and thriving recreation and tourism across the state. Appointing Dan as Chair of IBCC will ensure we will have the leadership, communication, and collaboration needed to protect and preserve all of Colorado’s river basins.”

The 2005 Water for the 21st Century Act (HB 05-1177) ushered in a new era of regionally inclusive and collaborative water planning. It created the IBCC and the nine basin roundtables to secure an informed constituency and to expand public education, participation and outreach efforts for water policy.

“Now is the time to seek cooperative solutions to Colorado’s greatest water challenges,” said Dan Gibbs, Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources. “As our state grapples with climate change, population growth, drought, wildfires and depleted water supplies, we need our river basins and the IBCC to be communicating and working together to help inform the Colorado Water Conservation Board as it creates policy. I look forward to working with members of the IBCC to continue their strong role in building collaboration and engaging with the basin roundtables on water issues.”

Director Gibbs will replace Russell George, who formerly chaired the IBCC. Russ’s steadying leadership helped to promote collaboration throughout Colorado’s water community.

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