#Aurora ordinance would ban grass in some areas of new developments: Cool weather turf would be restricted to 45% of the backyard, or 500 square feet, whichever is smaller. — 9News.com #conservation #SouthPlatteRiver

Aurora looking west towards Mount Blue Sky

Click the link to read the Turf Conservation Ordinance_2022_3.3 WPC via Aurora Water (Greg Baker).

Click the link to read the article and view the video on the 9News.com website (Janet Oravetz and Courtney Yuen). Here’s an excerpt:

The city is considering a first of its kind ordinance that would restrict the use of cool weather turf in new developments and new golf courses beginning next year. According to the city, Aurora averages just 15 inches of precipitation each year, and said that cool weather turf typically requires “substantial watering” to survive. Outdoor usage accounts for roughly 50% of water usage annually in Aurora, according to the city…

Turf means any cool season species, variety or blend, including but not limited to Kentucky bluegrass and Fescue, according to the city. In general, it would include those with an annual irrigation water requirement greater than about 9.3 gallons per square foot.

The ordinance, if passed, would prohibit turf for aesthetic purposes only, but would allow it in new developments “in active or programmed recreation areas.” Those are defined as an area with a primary function of sport field but can also accommodate secondary functions, including but not limited to non-organized sporting events, cultural activities and organized social gatherings. The ordinance will prohibit turf in common areas, medians, curbside landscape and front yards. For backyards, turf would be restricted to 45% of the yard, or 500 square feet, whichever is smaller.

Vail has begun methodically removing grass from its parks from areas that serve little purpose, partly with the goal of saving water. Buffehr Creek Park after xeriscaping. Photo: Town of Vail

Click the link to read “Say ‘goodbye’ to grassy yards – [Aurora] may implement heavy restrictions on turf” usage on OutThereColorado.com (Spencer McKee). Here’s an excerpt:

According to Aurora Water, about half of the city’s outdoor water usage is due to people watering their ‘turf,’ with turf being defined as ‘cool weather’ grass species, such as Kentucky bluegrass. This ‘turf’ is the type of grass that is specifically addressed in the proposal, with the goal of the suggested change being to limit overall outdoor water usage amid the city’s continued growth…

The changes would take effect next year, if the proposal is approved.

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