#Drought news (March 28, 2022): #Denver’s no longer in a drought, but it’s still really dry. The majority of the state remains in at least moderate drought conditions — The Denver Post

Colorado Drought Monitor map March 22, 2022.

Click the link to read the article on the The Denver Post website (Conrad Swanson). Here’s an excerpt:

Climatologists no longer consider the Denver metro to be suffering from drought conditions, instead the area’s now considered “abnormally dry.” The change shows a significant improvement over conditions in December, during which Denver was considered to be swathed in an “extreme drought,” data collected by the National Drought Mitigation Center shows.

While the improvement around Denver is reflected this week around much of the rest of Colorado, more than 80% of the state’s land is still in what is considered to be a “moderate drought,” the data indicates. Climatologists repeatedly said this winter that the state needed consistent, above-average snowfall to recoup lost moisture and that didn’t happen. Other areas, like those around Grand Junction and most of Pitkin County are also now considered to be abnormally dry, the data shows. Swathes of extreme and “exceptional” drought still cover large portions of Colorado’s southern counties.

West Drought Monitor map March 22, 2022.

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