Aridification/Saturation Watch — @Land_Desk #snowpack (January 17, 2023)

West snowpack basin-filled map January 17, 2023 via the NRCS.

We just did the snowpack data a couple weeks ago, so I’m not going to do it again. But holy relentless train of atmospheric rivers is there ever a lot of moisture falling from the sky. Look at these rainfall totals! Still, it’s interesting that of those nine precipitation totals, only three set new 16-day records. Yes, this is some wacky weather, but it’s not unprecedented, yet.

Judging from snowpack levels across the West, it would appear that each successive range of mountains wrings a little less moisture out of the clouds than the previous one. So California is getting buried, Utah is having one powder day after another, and Colorado is looking pretty darned good.

Pretty good in northern Colorado, too, but surprisingly not way ahead of last year at this time. This is for Rabbit Ears Pass:

And all of this new snow on top of that stuff that fell back in October and November and then rotted = avalanche danger. So be careful out there.

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