#Utah is having its best winter in nearly 20 years — The Summit Daily #snowpack (January 25, 2023)

West snowpack basin-filled map January 24, 2023 via the NRCS.

Click the link to read the article on the Summit Daily website (Toria Barhart). Here’s an excerpt:

There are historic and record-breaking snowpack conditions across the state, which have contributed to making this season one of the best winters in nearly 20 years, according to Jordan Clayton, a supervisor with the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Utah Snow Survey. The snowfall has aided in Utah’s recovery from the drought, helping to eliminate exceptional drought conditions throughout the state, and is expected to provide much-needed relief to reservoirs this spring…

The snow water equivalent as of Wednesday was 195% of normal, according to a special snow survey report. Clayton considers this measurement to be the most important because it determines how much water there would be in the state’s reservoirs if the snowpack melted…

The snowpack has helped raise the Great Salt Lake by a foot after it reached a historic low in November, but it’s unlikely to do much more to replenish water levels there or at Lake Powell. Clayton and other water officials have estimated it would take years of work to recover.

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