#Snowpack news April 3, 2023

West snowpack basin-filled map April 2, 2023 via the NRCS.
Colorado snowpack basin-filled map April 2, 2023 via the NRCS.

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    1. Hi Andrew,
      That’s still up in the air a bit. Reclamation will release their forecast this week but expect a tug of war between the Upper and Lower Basin. John Fleck says it is likely that they will release 9 MAF to Mead: https://coyotegulch.blog/2023/04/05/deadpool-diaries-in-march-2023-the-riogrande-coloradoriver-snowpack-went-bonkers-john-fleck-inkstain-coriver-aridification/ and the Upper folks want to fill the Colorado River reservoirs like Blue Mesa and Flaming Gorge. Reclamation has the say on the reservoirs that they operate and expect them to protect hydropower first. Here’s another recent write-up about the snowpack from Jonathan P. Thompson: https://coyotegulch.blog/2023/04/02/saturation-watch-4-1-snowpack-update-unprecedented-precipitation-probably-not-but-a-whopper-of-a-winter-nonetheless-land_desk-animasriver-doloresriver-coloradoriver-coriver-aridificati/.

      Thanks for commenting it’s nice to hear from an old blog pal.

      John Orr

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