Snowmass topped 400 inches of snowfall before closing — The #Aspen Daily News #snowpack

Click the link to read the article on the Aspen Daily News website (Scott Condon). Here’s an excerpt:

Snowmass ski area reaped another 36 inches of snow before it closed last weekend, boosting its 2022-23 season total to 409 inches, according to Aspen Skiing Co. Snowmass was at 143% of its season average for October through March, based on records back to the 1994-95 season…The season started with a bang and never let up. There were 35 inches of snow in October, or 137% of the average of 28 inches. The 53 inches in November were 121% of the average of 44 inches…December brought 66 inches of snowfall to Snowmass, or 136% of the average of 49 inches. Another 72 inches of snow fell in January, or 141% of the average of 51 inches. In February there was 60 inches, or 110% of the average of 54 inches. March was the big winner with 87 inches of snowfall, or 151% of the average of 57.5 inches, according to data shared by SkiCo. For those five months, Snowmass collected 372 inches of snow compared to the average of 260.5 inches.

Meanwhile, the snow keeps falling. Aspen Mountain was prepped for closing weekend with 9 inches of fresh snow on Wednesday and Wednesday night. More snow is forecast for the closing weekend.

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